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Tips for Investment Success:::

Yesterday, I have seen the best movie and Oscar Winner of the year 2004 “Million Dollar Baby” again and the Best Supporting Actor Morgan Freeman  explains the fundamentals of the boxing and which is closer to the markets too. In his words “Everything in boxing is backwards, sometimes best way to deliver a punch is… Read More »

Eight Simple Rules for Investing:

Do your own investing and don’t think mutual funds are the safe and sane road to riches. Don’t try to predict what the market will do, which is almost next to impossible. Even a vetern investor never knows ahead of time which stocks will be winners. Don’t churn too much or overtrade. Overtrade incur you… Read More »

Peter S. Lynch’s Fundamental’s of Investing

1.) Know What You Own – Most people don’t really know the reasons why they own a stock – you should. Ed’s Note: Similar to Ben Graham and Warren Buffet’s Businesslike Investing in your Circle of Competence. 2.) It is Futile to Predict the Economy, Interest Rates and the Stock Market (So Don’t Waste Time… Read More »