Tritium Dcfc Ltd (DCFC) Stock

2023 Update

About Tritium Dcfc Ltd

Tritium DCFC Ltd is a leading provider of direct current charging solutions for electric vehicles. Founded in 2001, this Australian based company designs, manufactures, and supplies charging station hardware to customers across 42 countries, in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. Tritium provides superior charger solutions to charge point operators, automakers, electric vehicle fleets, fuel stations, as well as businesses in retail and utility sectors.

Tritium’s portfolio includes a wide variety of standalone chargers, from 50, 75, 150, 175, and 350-kilowatt chargers. The company’s service and maintenance programs come with warranties and service level agreements, alongside spare parts that are available to repair any technical difficulties when needed.

Tritium’s headquarters are located in Murarrie, Australia, and they currently employ 446 employees across the globe. If you are searching for charging station solutions, Tritium is committed to providing the best, most reliable solution to power your vehicles. Visit their website at, to learn more about their full portoflio of products and services.

Tritium Dcfc Ltd's Performance

Tritium Dcfc Ltd is a high-growth electrical engineering company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of DC fast chargers for consumer and commercial applications. The company has seen strong financial performance over the past fiscal year, posting total revenue of $101.47 million along with total cash of $94.14 million and total debt of $191.4 million.

Tritium has reported a strong gross profit margin of 10.76% and an impressive operating margin of 88.15%, indicating robust business operations. The company’s gross profit for the year was -$340,000, reflecting the early stages of the company’s life cycle. However, the company has reported positive net profits of $0.9 million, which is great news from an investor’s perspective. The company’s return on equity (ROE) indicates the company’s ability to generate profits using the capital provided by its shareholders. In this case, Tritium has an ROE of 6.7%, indicating that it is using its capital effectively.

Further, Tritium has a solid balance sheet, with a quick ratio of 0.73 and a current ratio of 1.24. The current ratio indicates that the company has adequate current assets to cover its current liabilities, signaling that Tritium has no short-term liquidity issues. This is important, as it enables the company to easily repay any short-term debt. The quick ratio indicates that the firm has enough liquid assets to cover its current liabilities without having to resort to non-liquid assets to finance its operations.

Looking through the latest analyst opinions, Tritium Dcfc Ltd has a “buy” rating from 6 analysts with a purchase price recommendation of $5.00. The company’s current stock price is $1.07, which may make for an attractive investment option in the future. In addition, the company’s target low and high prices are $2.00 and $7.00, respectively.

Overall, Tritium Dcfc Ltd is performing exceptionally well and is well positioned for future growth. The company’s financials suggest that it has a solid balance sheet, strong operational performance, and a positive outlook. Investors may want to consider adding this stock to their portfolio.

How does Tritium Dcfc Ltd Perform During a Recession?

In the face of the 2020 global recession, Tritium has demonstrated resilience and has taken proactive steps to safeguard the future of the company. Despite the enormously challenging circumstances, Tritium has kept its doors open and continued to support its customers and employees.

During the recessionary period, Tritium has found success in adapting quickly and reducing cost/operational structures to maintain core output volumes. By quickly diversifying their offerings, Tritium was able to maintain their position in the market and continue to offer desirable services to their customers despite the economic downturn. To no surprise, Tritium’s dedication to research and development has also paid off, as the company has released two new products during the recession that allow for faster and more efficient DC charging systems for electric vehicles.

Tritium has also used the opportunity to expand its customer base, ultimately allowing for more market growth. An example of this is the strategic joint venture the company entered into with BECharged of Germany to provide ultra-fast charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. This joint venture, combined with the continued partnership with Walmart in North America, allowed Tritium to continue their growth trajectory despite the recession.

Overall, Tritium has proven to have a very solid foundation that has allowed the company to continue to succeed despite the economic downturn. Through its pioneering products and strategic partnerships, the company has been able to remain a key player in the electric vehicle charging market and secure a promising future for itself.

How does Tritium Dcfc Ltd Perform During High Inflation Economy?

When faced with the challenge of a high-inflation economy, Tritium has performed remarkably well. This is due to the company’s strong focus on long-term strategic planning and their focus on controlling costs by optimizing their manufacturing and supply chain processes. Tritium also maintains tight cash flow management, regularly monitors inflationary trends, and provides employees with consistent training on cost cutting best practices. The company also employs a variety of hedging strategies to protect against volatility and currency fluctuations.

In addition to these strategies, Tritium has taken a proactive approach to diversifying their customer base. This helps guarantee that they can continue to grow and thrive, even in difficult economic times. By providing customers with innovative charging solutions that meets their needs, Tritium continues to maintain their competitive edge despite competition in the electric vehicle charging industry. Moreover, the company has continued to develop innovative supplier partnerships to provide customers with faster, more reliable service.

In summary, Tritium DCFC Limited has successfully performed in the face of high inflation due to their strong focus on long-term strategic planning and their cost optimization measures. By also focusing on customer satisfaction, supplier partnerships, and hedging strategies, the company has been able to remain a leader in this rapidly evolving industry and continues to overcome challenges posed by high inflation.

What Are the Risks Associated to Tritium Dcfc Ltd (DCFC)?

Risks for this stock include:

1. Market & Industry Risk: The electric vehicle charging industry is a rapidly changing and evolving industry. As such, Tritium DCFC Limited could face intense competition from both existing competitors and new entrants. The company will need to be able to research and innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Financial Risk: Tritium DCFC Limited has a relatively high total debt to equity ratio, which could create financial problems for the company if it is unable to pay back its debt in a timely manner. Additionally, the company’s return on equity is not yet known, making it difficult to measure the company’s financial health.

3. Operational Risk: The company’s operations are based in Australia and the majority of its customers are located in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific regions. As such, Tritium DCFC Limited could face operational and logistical challenges due to the global nature of its operations.

4. Technological Risk: Given the high technical complexity of its products, the company is dependent on its technological capabilities in order to remain competitive and efficient. As such, Tritium DCFC Limited could face technological or cyber security risks that could interrupt its operations and adversely affect its result.