Global Fiber Technologies (GFAI) Stock

2023 Update

About Global Fiber Technologies

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. is a Singapore-based company that provides cash solutions and cash handling services to customers in Thailand. With a history stretching back to 1982, it is one of the market leaders in its industry. The company has four distinct business segments – secure logistics business, general security solutions, robotics solution business, and information security business.

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. specializes in cash-in-transit and cash center operations, as well as coin processing and consolidate cash center services. The company also provides other services such as cash deposit machine solutions, Rapid7 software sales and installation, integrated alarm security system installation, PCI ASV scan, and penetration testing services.

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc.’s customers include local commercial banks, chain retailers, coin manufacturing mints, and government authorities. The company employs 1,755 full-time workers, and is based out of Singapore with its global headquarters located at 10 Anson Road, No. 28-01 International Plaza. In addition to its offices in Singapore, the company has a presence in Thailand.

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. was founded as a public limited company and is a member of the Straits Exchange in Singapore. Its website is and its provide phone number is +65 6702 1179.

Global Fiber Technologies's Performance

Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. (GFT) has recently been performing well, with the company seeing an increase in their total revenue and total cash over the last three years. GFT reported a total revenue of $34.48M for the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 4.7% from the second quarter of 2020. The company also had strong total cash of $6.93M for the same period, an increase of 4.9% in the same time frame.

GFT also reports a positive quick ratio of 0.7 which indicates a good level of liquidity and financial health. The company’s profitability metrics also suggest a strong performance, with a gross margin of 9.54% and an operating margin of -34.90%. Additionally, GFT has a total debt to equity ratio of 147.20, which also indicates strong financial health.

GFT’s stock performance has been very positive. The company’s share price has increased by 27.63% over the past 52 weeks, and is currently trading at a price of $5.82. Furthermore, the company has received positive analyst ratings, with the overall average opinion being a “buy”. Analysts also believe that GFT’s share price has the potential to reach a high of $14 over the next 12 months.

Overall, GFT has seen a positive performance in recent months. The company’s increasing revenue and cash, strong financial metrics, and bullish stock performance all suggest positive performance for the future.

How does Global Fiber Technologies Perform During a Recession?

During times of economic turmoil, it is essential for businesses to have reliable and secure services that can adapt to changing economic trends. Global Fiber Technologies has a variety of strategies to help the company perform well during a recession.

First, the company has focused on increasing cost efficiency and has implemented a number of cost-saving measures. Global Fiber Technologies has implemented a new cost model, which focuses on improving the cost structure and reducing labor costs. Additionally, it has streamlined processes and streamline operations to eliminate redundant tasks and activities, while still providing top-level service and solutions to customers.

Second, the company has invested in technological innovations. Global Fiber Technologies has developed and implemented robotic solutions for cash processing, ATM management, and cash-in-transit, allowing for more efficient operations and cost savings. Moreover, the company has also invested in Rapid7 software, which provides comprehensive security for all its customers.

Finally, Global Fiber Technologies is focused on providing quality services and solutions to its customers. The company maintains extensive operational networks and provides customers with personalized services in the areas of cash handling, cash processing, and cash-in-transit. By delivering high-quality services, Global Fiber Technologies can ensure that customers stay secure during any economic downturn.

Overall, Global Fiber Technologies is well-positioned to perform successfully during a recession. With its cost-efficiency practices, innovative technology, and quality services, Global Fiber Technologies can ensure customer satisfaction during any economic downturn.

How does Global Fiber Technologies Perform During High Inflation Economy?

In times of high-inflation, companies like Global Fiber Technologies are particularly well-positioned as they are able to actively manage cash-flow and provide cost savings to their customers. The company has a long history of proactively mitigating the effects of increased prices by providing convenience and efficiency benefits. Global Fiber Technologies has invested in high-quality cash management systems and processes, which enable them to minimize the costly inconveniences and risks of running a cash-based business. This expertise allows the company to adapt to rapid changes and to take advantage of potentially advantageous opportunities that arise due to market instability caused by high inflation.

In addition, Global Fiber Technologies takes proactive measures to ensure customers are best prepared for changing market conditions. This is accomplished by focusing on processes that will help maintain cost efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. The company’s solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the costs of cash-in-transaction, and coin processing and handling — two things that become increasingly important when facing a period of high inflation. By providing these benefits, Global Fiber Technologies is able to create an environment that streamlines customer experience and gives them the flexibility to adjust to market changes.

In summary, the Global Fiber Technologies team is well-placed to assist customers in times of high inflation. The company is focused on delivering top-notch services and solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers. Whether this is through cash-handling systems, robots, IT security, or integration with the technologies of their customers; Global Fiber Technologies is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction during times of high inflation.

What Are the Risks Associated to Global Fiber Technologies (GFAI)?

Despite these positive indicators, investing in Global Fiber Technologies, Inc. carries certain risks. The security industry is becoming increasingly competitive as new players emerge. Moreover, the business is dependent on regulatory and legal frameworks, as well as the macro-economic climate. Security threats are also concerning, as the company may face cyber-attacks that can result in costly damages. Additionally, changes in regulations may affect the core operations of the company, hindering its performance. Finally, the company’s focus on cash-based solutions may face stiff competition from newer, more efficient solutions such as mobile payments.