Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd (INDO) Stock

2023 Update

About Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd is an oil and gas exploration and production company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded in 2018 and is currently headed by Maderic Holding Limited. The company has 30 full-time employees and holds interests in two producing blocks, the Kruh Block and the Citarum Block.

The Kruh Block is located to the northwest of Pendopo, Pali, South Sumatra and covers an area of 258 square kilometers with net crude oil proved reserves of 2.06 million barrels. The Citarum Block is located onshore in West Java and covers an area of 3,924.67 square kilometers.

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd’s core mission is to acquire, explore, and develop oil and gas resources in Indonesia. The company employs advanced technologies and practices to ensure safe and efficient operations, with the ultimate goal of providing suitable energy solutions and products to its customers. The company believes that its success comes from the achievements and innovation of its employees and the collaborative partnerships established with its clients.

The company’s offices are located at DEA Tower I, 11th Floor, Suite 1103 Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4.3, No.1-2, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia. To get in touch, they can be contacted via phone (62 21 576 8888), fax (62 21 576 1009) or through their website (

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd has established itself as a major player in the oil and gas industry in Indonesia and is looking forward to future success and growth as it continues to explore new opportunities.

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd's Performance

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd is performing well overall, despite some challenging conditions in the industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s revenue growth rate is 26.50%, while its quick ratio is 5.38. Its total revenue of 4.1M shows positive growth, while its EBITDA is -3.46M. It has a favorable debt to equity ratio of 2.33, and Return on Equity is -24.84%.

The company’s operating cash flow is -3.21M, while its total cash is 5.9M, operating margins are -112.22%, and profit margins are -76.21%. Its current price is relatively low, at 4.65, while its target median price is 10.00, target mean is 10.00, target low is 10.00, and target high is 10.00. This suggests that the company’s stock could be a good buy for potential investors.

Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd’s gross margins are 27.92%, financial currency is USD, earnings growth is not available, and gross profits are not available. Its revenue per share is 0.46, while its total cash per share is 0.58, and free cash flow is -5.33M. Its return on assets is -17.60%, and total debt is 403.59k.

Overall, Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd is performing well under current conditions, with positive revenue growth, favorable debt to equity ratio, and positive quick ratios. Although its stock price is relatively low, its target median and mean prices suggest that it could be a good buy right now. Its revenue per share, total cash per share, gross margins, and operating margins are all favorable. As such, investors should consider investing in Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd.

How does Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd Perform During a Recession?

IEC is committed to openly engaging their shareholders and other stakeholders in the industry, so that they can understand the effect their operations have in the global economy.

During the recession, IEC has been particularly resilient and successful at maintaining their operations while utilizing cost saving strategies, such as reducing costs associated with overheads and operational expenses, streamlining their supply chain, creating a more flexible workforce, and investing more capital into research and development.

IEC has also been able to take advantage of the ‘lower for longer’ oil price by continuously innovating with technologies and operational practice. By gradually shifting from a strictly conventional oil and gas company into a technology-driven one, IEC has been able to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the industry.

Furthermore, IEC is also constantly examining new opportunities for synergies with other companies and potential partners, such as through joint ventures and collaborations. This helps to ensure that IEC is able to remain agile and position itself to quickly take advantage of any emerging technological trends, opportunities, and events.

Lastly, IEC has also been successful in developing new partnerships and expanding into new markets. Despite the global uncertainty, IEC has been able to leverage their strengths and create strategic agreements and collaborations with other firms and organizations in order to better explore new markets and create new opportunities for growth.

How does Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd Perform During High Inflation Economy?

Due to Indonesia’s economic growth, its currency is particularly sensitive to inflation, and this can cause companies to struggle under the pressure. Inflation can hamper a company’s ability to make long-term investments and can reduce its ability to generate profits.

Despite these challenges, IEC has performed admirably in the face of inflation, leveraging its size and experience to mitigate the impact of increased costs and to capitalize on market opportunities. The company has implemented a cost containment plan to offset rising overhead costs and maintain profitability.

IEC has also made efforts to expand and diversify its operations in order to generate additional revenue and diversify its risk portfolio. For instance, the company has invested in renewable energy production, such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants, and in biofuel production. By spreading their investments into these other sources of energy, IEC is better able to manage the rising costs associated with inflation.

Finally, IEC has sought to modernize its operations and adopt new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. This includes investing in automation and artificial technology to streamline operations.

As a result of these strategies, IEC has been able to protect its bottom line and remain profitable despite the high inflation rate in Indonesia. Through prudent management and smart investments, IEC has created a financially sound enterprise that can continue to be successful in the future.

What Are the Risks Associated to Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd (INDO)?

However, investing in IEC should be done with caution as the risks associated with investing in the energy sector should be taken into account. These risks can include geopolitical risks such as war or terrorism, natural disasters, economic sanctions, rampant inflation, and legal/regulatory changes. Additionally, since IEC is a speculative stock, it can be highly volatile and investors should ensure that they do not invest more money than they are willing to lose. There is also a risk of the company’s operations or business model not being successful, which could lead to increased losses and a decrease in share price. Lastly, IEC’s stock performance is highly dependent on the global and domestic economy. Thus, investors should ensure that they are aware of any changes in economic or political conditions that could impact the company’s long-term prospects.