Lukoil PJSC (LLKKF) Stock

2023 Update

About Lukoil PJSC

Lukoil PJSC is a major oil company that produces and markets petroleum products and holds the major share of oil production in Russia. The company is headquartered in Moscow, and produces oil from around the world, with activities ranging from exploration, production, refining, marketing, and sales. Lukoil operates through several business segments, including exploration and production of oil and gas, production of crude oil, and sales of refined products, petrochemical products and gas. It also operates through its own independent retail and wholesale networks.

The company is active in the exploration and development of oil & gas deposits in Russia and abroad, and has been involved in the consolidation and re-structuring of a number of major Russian oil & gas companies, such as OAO Sibneft, OAO YUKOS, and the Samara-Neftemash, re-branding them LUKOIL-Nizhnevartovsk. It also operates in joint venture agreements with leading oil & gas companies as well as other major businesses.

Lukoil produces crude oil and its derivatives, including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, furnace fuel, and bitumen. It also produces petroleum-based additives, waxes, bitumen emulsions, as well as lubricants and lubrication materials to meet current market trends.

Through its technology-driven initiatives, it has been able to set standards for environmental protection and safety, and it has achieved success in improving the environment in those areas where it has ongoing E&P activities.

Lukoil PJSC's Performance

Lukoil PJSC is one of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies, with its parent company founded in 1991. Its current market capitalization is about $19.3 billion. As of September 2020, Lukoil reported a total revenue of $94.58 billion and a net income of $3.26 billion.

The company has a strong balance sheet, with total debt of $1.79 billion, operating cash flow of -$25.30 million, and total cash of $133.09 million. Its return on equity currently stands at -0.67%. Its quick ratio is 22.22, while its current ratio is 23.00.
Lukoil’s return on assets is -13.00% and its debt-to-equity ratio is 0.82. Its gross margin is 0.00%, while its operating margin is 0.00%. Its EBITDA margin is 0.00% and its profit margin is 0.00%.

Analysts’ recommendations for Lukoil PJSC are not available, as there are no available analyst opinions.

The company’s share price is currently 0.33, which is below the mean target price of unassigned. The target low price is unassigned, while the target median price and target high price are both unassigned.

Overall, Lukoil PJSC is currently performing in line with expectations, as indicated by its financials. The company is in a strong financial position with a low level of debt and good liquidity, but it has struggled with profitability. The company’s share price has been relatively stable in recent months despite the challenging economic environment.

How does Lukoil PJSC Perform During a Recession?

When economic times are tough, energy companies are often hit the hardest, as demand for energy decreases and fuel prices drop. The global economic recession of 2008-2009 hit Lukoil PJSC hard and it reported its first losses in its 17-year history. Despite the challenging environment, Lukoil PJSC managed to remain competitive by cutting costs and streamlining its operations.

In the wake of the recession, Lukoil PJSC focused on expanding its resources and increasing its production levels, while maintaining profitability. It invested in new technologies and increased its presence in international markets, including Asia and Europe. In addition, it increased strategic partnerships with local governments in Russia and other countries, which enabled it to achieve growth during the recession.

Lukoil PJSC has also looked into alternative sources of revenue to compensate for dropping oil prices. It has created new products such as engine oils, lubricants, upstream oil production services, and chemical products. These products are being produced in its refineries and used to create alternative sources of revenue.

Overall, Lukoil PJSC has been successful in making adjustments to the changing business environment during the recession. Its cost-cutting measures and diversification strategies enabled it to remain competitive and reinvest in operations, ultimately allowing it to come out of the recession in a strong financial position.

How does Lukoil PJSC Perform During High Inflation Economy?

When facing high inflation, Lukoil has been able to maintain its operations. Inflation can lead to rising costs for the company, and a decrease in revenue due to loss of demand for its products. However, the company has increased its efficiency and lowered costs by improving production and operational processes. Moreover, Lukoil has managed to diversify its customer base, and has implemented pricing strategies that keep track of rising input costs. Additionally, Lukoil has also taken steps to reduce its exposure to currency risks associated with the fluctuations of the ruble.

The company also actively participates in the foreign exchange markets to reduce the risks associated with the sudden fluctuations of the ruble. They are constantly monitoring and anticipating the changes in the economic environment in order to timely adjust their pricing strategies and currency rates. As of 2021, the inflation rate in Russia has been around 4%, and Lukoil has been able to manage this by making timely pricing adjustments and by hedging their foreign exchange transactions. This strategy has been seen to improve the company’s financial performance.

Moreover, Lukoil has continued to invest in research and development. It has invested in new oil and gas technologies, as well as procedures to improve efficiency. Looking ahead, the company plans to further strengthen its international presence by expanding its operations into new geographies. Additionally, it plans to invest heavily in renewable energy technology, with the aim of reducing its reliance on traditional oil and gas sources. With all these in mind, Lukoil appears to be well-prepared to face the challenge of high inflation.

What Are the Risks Associated to Lukoil PJSC (LLKKF)?

Investors should note that investing in Lukoil PJSC stock is not without risks. Like all stocks, its share price may fluctuate due to factors such as changes in oil and gas prices, international political tensions, changes in domestic economic conditions, and its overall financial performance. In addition, since the company operates primarily in Russia, any changes in the Russian economy or in the wider global geopolitical situation could have an adverse effect on the company’s financial performance. As such, investors should thoroughly research the company’s financials and evaluate their risk tolerance before investing in Lukoil PJSC stock.