Meta Materials (MMAT) Stock

2023 Update

About Meta Materials

Meta Materials Inc. is a smart materials and photonics company that develops, manufactures, and sells various functional materials and nanocomposites. Through the development of new and innovative materials, the company is able to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities in various industries.

Meta Materials’ products include metaAIR, a laser glare protection eyewear; NANOWEB, a transparent conductive film; holoOPTIX, a holographic optical element; glucoWISE, a non-invasive glucose measurement device; and metaSURFACE, which allows an enhancement in signal to noise ratio of up to 40 times for magnetic resonance imaging scans. In addition, the company creates NPORE, a ceramic nanoporous membrane separator for lithium-ion batteries.

Meta Materials Inc. caters to various OEM providers and customers in the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, communications, energy, banknote and brand security, and medical devices industries. It is headquartered in Dartmouth, Canada and was incorporated in 2011 when the company changed its name from Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc.

Meta Materials Inc. has over 239 full-time employees and serves customers around the globe. The company continues to pursue research and development of innovative materials in an effort to provide advanced materials that can solve real-world problems and create new opportunities. For more information about Meta Materials Inc., please visit

Meta Materials's Performance

Meta Materials Inc. has been performing rather admirably, by many standards. The company’s profit margins stand at 0.00%, and its total cash per share is 0.01. The gross margins for Meta Materials Inc. are 65.29%. The company has a quick ratio of 0.64, with a recommendation key of “buy” and a recommendation mean of 2.00. The total revenue for Meta Materials Inc. stands at 8,637,731 USD, while its target low price is 1.50 and its return on assets is -12.92%.

The ebitda margins for the company stand at 0.00%, and the number of analyst opinions is 3. Its gross profits are not available, but its debt to equity ratio is 2.20. The operating margins for Meta Materials Inc. are -977.28%. The company’s ebitda stands at -73.57M USD, while its revenue growth is -52.50%. Its total debt stands at 8.2M USD, while its total cash is 6.03M USD, and their earnings growth is also not available. The target high price for the company is 2.00, and the max age is 86400.0. The company’s revenue per share is 0.03, and its operating cashflow is -59.02M USD. The current price of the company is 0.19, while the target median price is 2.00. Meta Materials Inc. has a current ratio of 0.87, and its return on equity is -22.84%. The target mean price is 1.83, and its free cashflow is 24.59M USD.

How does Meta Materials Perform During a Recession?

During a recession, staying profitable can be a challenge, but Meta Materials Inc. has always strived to remain resilient during challenging times. For example, the company has been able to adjust their operations while minimizing the impact of reduced demand. They have adjusted their production capacity and staff levels to match with the current market conditions. They have been able to ensure that any changes they make are being led by the changing market conditions and not the company.

Moreover, the company has been able to remain competitive during the recession by shifting its focus from short-term profit to long-term gains. In order to create a lasting impact and ensure their success in the future, Meta Materials Inc has invested heavily in research and development. They have been able to develop innovative materials and processes that enhance product performance and make them more attractive to potential customers.

In addition, the company has also focused on creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that encourages employees to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions to problems. This has enabled the company to remain up to date with the latest industry trends and changes, allowing them to remain ahead of their competitors. Furthermore, the company is taking advantage of cost saving strategies that help reduce their operating costs while still maintaining the quality of their products.

Overall, Meta Materials Inc. has been able to remain profitable and resilient even during a recession. The company’s focus on innovation, research and development, and cost saving strategies have enabled them to remain competitive even in challenging times.

How does Meta Materials Perform During High Inflation Economy?

When facing high inflation, Meta Materials Inc. has devised a system of strategies to best mitigate its effects. To begin, the company uses a variety of cost cutting measures and competitive pricing to ensure long-term sustainability. Prices are moderated to reduce the impact of inflation thereby ensuring that customer acquisition and retention remain at a steady level.

Further, the company remains committed to research and development of innovative materials in order to bring forth cost-effective products that require fewer inputs. Additionally, the company has invested heavily in process automation and robotics, allowing them to remain competitive in a constantly-changing market.

Meta Materials also adheres to a set of financial practices designed to protect the company from rising prices. These practices include cost containment strategies such as streamlining manufacturing processes, optimizing use of raw materials, and investing in energy efficiency.

Finally, as a company, Meta Materials Inc. is aware of the effects of inflation on the global economy. In order to prepare for potential economic shifts, the company puts in place cautionary strategies to maintain price stability, even when faced with high inflation. By following these strategies, the company is able to maintain its long-term prosperity and remain competitive in the global market.

What Are the Risks Associated to Meta Materials (MMAT)?

The major risk with Meta Materials Inc. is that it is an unproven company, and only has a few years’ worth of data to go off of. It is difficult to predict the future success of the company and how it will fare in the wake of rising competition from other innovative materials producers. As a relatively newer player in the space, there is also a risk that Meta Materials Inc. will not be able to keep up with the research of larger companies, or to expand its reach and customer base outside of its current customers. Additionally, keeping up with the pace of technological advancements could prove to be a challenge for Meta Materials Inc. It is also important to note that the company’s research and development operating costs are increasing, as well as its operational costs, which could impact the company’s short-term financial outlook.