Sound Financial Bancorp (SBFM) Stock

2023 Update

About Sound Financial Bancorp

Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. is a Canadian company in the health care industry with offices in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. It specializes in pharmaceutical research and development and produces life-saving medicines in various therapeutic areas such as oncology and antivirals.

The company’s leading products include Adva-27a, a GEM-difluorinated C-glycoside derivative of podophyllotoxin to treat leukemia, lymphoma, testicular, lung, brain, prostate, bladder, and other forms of cancers, as well as kills multidrug resistant cancer cells. It also has SBFM-PL4, an anti-coronavirus treatment compound; and K1.1 mRNA molecules that are used as anti-cancer agents. Additionally, Sunshine Biopharma produces nutritional supplements such as Essential 9, an amino acids capsules, and Essential Calcium-Vitamin D.

The company has 46 full-time employees and is listed as Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic on the stock market. Its contact information is:

Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc.
6500 Trans-Canada Highway
4th Floor
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 0A5
Phone: 514-426-6161
Fax: 514-426-6161

Sound Financial Bancorp's Performance

Sound Financial Bancorp Inc. is performing well financially. Their total debt stands at $734,439, while their operating cash flow is -$5,794,256. Their current ratio is 3.61 and their debt to equity ratio is 3.78.

The company’s ebitda margins are -101.16%, and their profit margins are -298.46%. Their revenue growth is 38.90% and their earnings growth is 0.00%. They have a total cash per share of $0.87 and a return on equity of -166.20%.

Their total revenue stands at $9,117,011, while their total cash is at $19,294,218. Their gross margins are 37.97% and their operating margins are -101.78%. Their revenue per share stands at $0.47 while their quick ratio stands at 3.05.

Overall, Sound Financial Bancorp Inc. is performing strongly financially, and is on track to continue to grow and strengthen its financial position.

How does Sound Financial Bancorp Perform During a Recession?

In the face of any recession, Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. has the ability to respond effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the company’s stable financial position helps it remain resilient during difficult economic times and continues to serve its customers well. This stability is due to the company’s sound risk management practices, diversified portfolio of assets, and client service excellence.

The company seeks to provide customers with secure, convenient, and reliable services at all times. To do this, it has implemented controls and procedures in place to prevent fraud and identity theft, and it also maintains a well-trained team of consultants who are available to help customers manage their finances. Furthermore, the organization’s financial statement analysis department is always on hand to conduct in-depth analysis of economic, political, and market conditions in order to best recommend the most appropriate product for each customer’s individual needs.

In addition to providing customers with a secure and reliable banking experience, Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. takes proactive steps to prepare for recessions, and so has what is termed a “recession-resilience plan”. This plan outlines the actions the company can take to minimize losses incurred during recessions, including its cost-cutting measures and strategies to manage their liquidity and risk exposures.

Moreover, the company has a culture of ongoing learning and improvement. It seeks to develop programs and services to help customers manage their finances more diligently, and use their resources more efficiently. As such, Sound Financial Bancorp Inc. actively works to reduce risks associated with recessions by creating a culture of active risk taking and financial literacy. Ultimately, this allows it to remain agile during economic downturns and remain profitable while its customers remain financially secure.

How does Sound Financial Bancorp Perform During High Inflation Economy?

When it comes to dealing with high inflation, Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. follows a variety of strategies to protect its clients’ assets as well as to help them reach their financial goals. The company’s team of experts carefully monitors the financial markets and focuses on providing customized solutions to its customers. This includes exploring investments with higher returns and low-risk products. In addition, the company’s banking products are designed to maximize returns and minimize risk in high-inflation environments.

Furthermore, Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. regularly monitors the economy and takes measures to adjust its strategies accordingly. The company also works closely with customers and provides financial coaching and guidance to help them understand and manage their financial situations. Moreover, the company’s financial advisors help customers make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the right investment products.

By proactively monitoring the financial markets and responding to changes in the economy, Sound Financial Bancorp Inc. is able to provide its customers with robust and secure financial services even when they are dealing with high inflation.

What Are the Risks Associated to Sound Financial Bancorp (SBFM)?


Investing in Sound Financial Bancorp, Inc. is subject to certain risks. The company’s debt to equity, current ratio, and return on equity are all below the industry averages. This signals a higher risk of default and bankruptcy if the company’s performance decreases, as negative cash flows may make it difficult for the company to repay its long-term debt. Another potential risk is that Sound Financial Bancorp Inc. is a relatively new company, and there is uncertainty about how it will perform in competitive markets. The company may also face difficulties in penetrating new markets and entering new business opportunities. Furthermore, investing in the stock of a Canadian company carries the risk of foreign exchange rate fluctuations between the Canadian dollar and other countries’ currencies.