Decartes Technology (TCRT) Stock

2023 Update

About Decartes Technology

Decartes Technology Corp. is a healthcare and biotechnology company located in Houston, Texas, with its headquarters at 8030 El Rio Street, Houston, TX 77054. Its telephone number is 346 355 4099.

The company is focused on developing adoptive TCR engineered T-cell therapies for the treatment of oncology diseases. Its main product is its TCR Library, which is currently in Phase I/II clinical trial for 12 TCRs. It also has the hunTR, a human neoantigen T-cell receptor engine, which is applied to design T-cell directed treatments.

Decartes Technology Corp. has partnered with various entities, such as PGEN Therapeutics, Inc., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the National Cancer Institute. It also has full-time employees numbering 34. Moreover, its website is

The company is committed to providing innovative oncology treatments while respecting ethical and safety standards. Its products and services are designed to help patients and their families cope with the effects of cancer, while providing benefit to healthcare providers.

Decartes Technology's Performance

Decartes Technology Corp. is a US-based technology company that offers computer solutions to assist companies in solving engineering problems. The company has been around since 1993 and is a leader in its segment, but it has seen a decrease in performance in recent years. The company’s performance has been affected by a number of reasons such as a weak economy and increased competition.

In terms of financial performance, Decartes Technology Corp. does not show much promise. The total debt of the company amounts to 13.6 million USD, and the profit margins of the business are 0%. The operating cash flow of the company has been a negative 30.84 million USD, and the revenue per share has been very low at 0.01 USD. The company also has a debt to equity ratio of 46.09 and a return on equity of -96.63%.

In terms of analyst opinions, the company has 6 analyst opinions with a buy recommendation mean of 2.2. The current price of the company is 0.46 USD, with target prices of 0.7 to 7.50 USD.

Overall, Decartes Technology Corp. is not performing as well as it could. The company is not achieving much success with its products, and the debt it has taken on has been quite significant. The company needs to find ways to reduce its debt and to increase its profits if it is to remain competitive in the market. Moreover, there is an urgent need for the company to address its operational issues as well as to increase its revenue per share.

In order to improve its performance, Decartes Technology Corp. should focus on improving its operating margins, reducing debt, and increasing revenue. Moreover, the company should invest in product innovation to remain competitive in the industry and should focus on increasing its customer base.

With proper strategies and investments, Decartes Technology Corp. has the potential to improve its performance and become a strong player in the industry. The company should therefore make sure to make the right strategic changes to turn its performance around.

How does Decartes Technology Perform During a Recession?

The company, however, is not immune to the negative effects of a recessionary environment. In such periods, the demand for medical services declines, leading to decreased sales for the company. Companies may have to cut wages and lay off or reduce staff if profits become limited. Additionally, companies may have to reduce their promotional activities or focus only on the most necessary ones in order to save money during a recession.

To ensure that Decarte Technology Corp. remains competitive during a recession, it has implemented a number of measures to respond to the financial pressures faced. The company has taken an adaptive approach to operations in order to conserve cash during the downturn. It has reduced its spending on research and development and marketing activities, which will result in fewer innovative products and services. Additionally, the company has tightened its budget to ensure that the company remains financially sustainable, while still meeting the needs of its customers.

The company is also engaging in alternative financing structures. This includes utilizing contract manufacturers and distributors to reduce overhead costs, as well as seeking out grant and venture capital funding to help with its operating expenses.

Finally, the company is trying to focus on innovation and new product development in order to maintain its competitive edge. It is focusing on developing innovative technologies and therapies that can be used to better treat and assist patients suffering from a wide range of diseases. The company is also looking to collaborate with other companies in the sector to ensure that it is able to stay ahead of the competition during a recession.

By implementing these measures, Decarte Technology Corp. will be better positioned to remain competitive and profitable during a recession. It is essential for the company to stay ahead of the competition, while also keeping its costs and overhead low in order to maximize its profits and remain competitive in the sector.

How does Decartes Technology Perform During High Inflation Economy?

Like any other company in the healthcare sector, Decartes Technology Corp. is vulnerable to the economic effects of high inflation. During times of high inflation, Decartes Technology Corp. must be vigilant in order to remain profitable. The company must manage its resources in an efficient manner in order to minimize costs, and it must also focus on expanding its portfolio of products and services in order to remain competitive and maintain its market position. In this way, Decartes Technology Corp. can remain profitable even when faced with high inflation.

Moreover, Decartes Technology Corp. can also consider different strategies in order to be successful during times of high inflation. The company can reduce its overhead costs by cutting back on its capital expenditure, and cutting down on its non-essential expenses. It can also reduce the costs associated with the development and commercialization of its products by outsourcing certain aspects of the process. These strategies may help the company remain profitable in the face of high inflation.

What Are the Risks Associated to Decartes Technology (TCRT)?

However, the stock does come with some risks. These include:

• Market Volatility: Decartes Technology Corp. has been somewhat volatile, as evidenced by the stock experiencing fluctuations in its share price over the past year. This can make the stock less attractive to investors, as they may be expecting consistent returns.

• Limited Revenue Growth: While the company has posted respectable growth in recent years, the revenue growth rate has been limited. This may affect the company’s ability to continue to grow in the future, as new products and services may not be able to generate the amount of revenue needed to sustain the company’s growth.

• High Debt to Equity Ratio: Decartes Technology Corp. has a high debt to equity ratio of 46.09. This indicates that the company heavily relies on debt financing to fund its operations, which could limit its ability to generate profits and return on investment in the future.

• High Operating Expense: Decartes Technology Corp. has an exceptionally high operating expense, which eats into profits and affects the company’s bottom line.

• Limited Number of Analysts: There are currently only 6 analysts covering Decartes Technology Corp., which indicates a lack of broad coverage of the company. This could make the stock less attractive to a wider range of investors.