Veru (VERU) Stock

2023 Update

About Veru

Veru Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company based in Miami, Florida, and its website is Founded in 1971, the company has grown to employ 233 full-time employees, and its headquarters are located at 2916 North Miami Avenue, Suite 1000. Veru Inc. focuses on developing medicines for the treatment of COVID-19, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

The company’s commercial products include the FC2 female condom/internal condom for the prevention of unintended pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections, and Entadifi, a capsule for the treatment of urinary tract symptoms. Veru Inc.’s drug candidates in clinical trials include Enobosarm, an oral selective androgen receptor agonist for the treatment of AR+ ER+ HER2- metastatic breast cancer, Sabizabulin for the treatment of metastatic castration and androgen receptor targeting agent resistant prostate cancer, VERU-100, a GnRH antagonist peptide injection for the treatment of advanced hormone sensitive prostate cancer, Zuclomiphene Citrate for treating hot flashes, and Sabizabulin, an oral microtubule disruptor with dual antiviral and anti-inflammatory to severe COVID-19 patients at risk for acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Veru Inc. also operates on an international level, and is quoted on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “VERU”. In July 2017 the company changed its name from The Female Health Company to Veru Inc. The primary sector listed is Healthcare, and the company is subject to compliance with all applicable regulations. The maximum age of the company is 86400.0 seconds, and its officers include CEO Mitchell Steiner, CFO Michael C. Miller, and its entire Board of Directors.

Veru's Performance

Veru Inc. has been performing well lately, to judge by its financial records. Its total debt, as of its latest fiscal report, stands at 17,582,944 USD, and its current ratio is 1.103. Additionally, its operating cashflow stands at -94.99M USD, profit margin is 0.00%, and free cashflow stands at -44.67M USD. It also has a total cash per share of 0.263, and a maximum age of 86400 seconds. The company’s EBITDA margins stand at 0.00%, and its revenue per share is 0.26. The company’s gross margins are 58.11%, and its revenue growth is -49.40%.

Furthermore, the company’s return on equity stands at -181.85%, and it has a total revenue of 21.28M USD. Its target median price is 3.50 USD, its target high price is 9.00 USD, its EBITDA is -137.36M USD, and its gross profits are 30.59M USD.

The company has also seen its target mean price rise to 4.25 USD, while its target low price stands at 1.00 USD. It currently has a current price of 1.03 USD, denoted in the financial currency of USD. With regard to analyst opinions, it has a total of 4, and its recommendation key is BUY, with a recommendation mean score of 2.00.. Further, it has an earnings growth of 0, and a return on assets of -70.76%. Finally, its quick ratio stands at 0.706.

Overall, Veru Inc. appears to be performing well, with a healthy balance sheet and financial metrics. However, given the current economic uncertainty, it remains to be seen whether it can maintain its performance in the long-term. Investors, creditors and analysts should keep a close eye on the company’s financials and operations in order to get an accurate assessment of its performance.

How does Veru Perform During a Recession?

While the recession has affected the company’s share price, Veru Inc. has taken a number of proactive steps to ensure its long-term stability and growth. The company has simplified its business operations and core messaging, removed unprofitable products, and reduced its cost structure. It also sought to increase its customer base and reach out to potential international customers. In addition, the company has undertaken targeted research and development programs for its clinically products, as well as a focus on increasing its portfolio of approved products.

Veru Inc. has engaged in cost-cutting initiatives, such as reducing its workforce by 11% and ceasing all non-essential activities. In order to increase cost efficiency, the firm has also outsourced and automated key operations. The company has explored opportunities for mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances with other companies in order to increase its market presence. In addition, Veru Inc. has aggressively pursued developing and exploring opportunities for new products and markets that fit with its core mission of extending the range of treatments available for patients.

Despite the economic hardships, Veru Inc. has used a combination of strategies to maintain a strong financial position in order to weather the storm. The company continues to focus on developing its products, and its top priority is still providing excellent patient care through its leading therapies in the market. Veru Inc. will remain committed to the long-term growth of its business.

How does Veru Perform During High Inflation Economy?

When faced with high inflation, Veru Inc. takes multiple steps to help protect the health of its customers and shareholders. The company works to maintain access to its products despite market pressures, while reducing the risk of price volatility. It evaluates pricing and pricing decisions against market conditions and compares pricing decisions to inflation levels. Veru Inc. frequently adjusts its prices in order to remain competitive and ensure long-term affordability, especially when inflation rises. The company also analyzes and regularly reviews its internal operations and cost structure to identify potential savings.

Veru Inc. further addresses high inflation by implementing supply chain optimization to reduce inventory costs and use alternative sources of supply whenever possible. This allows the company to keep cost in line with inflation. It also collaborates with its suppliers, negotiates production contracts, and reviews terms and conditions to minimize inflation risk. Additionally, Veru Inc. takes steps to review customer profitability and update its pricing strategies accordingly. Lastly, the company focuses on sales growth and increasing its earn-outs to mitigate economic pressures.

What Are the Risks Associated to Veru (VERU)?

In addition to the financial risks associated with investments, there are also potential health and legal risks associated with investments in Veru Inc. The company is involved in the field of biopharmaceuticals, which carries additional regulatory and compliance risks related to the development, marketing, and safety of its products. In addition, there is a risk that the company’s products may not be successful in the market, due to safety, efficacy, or consumer acceptance. Moreover, the success of Veru Inc.’s drug candidates in clinical trials may not be replicated after full-scale clinical trials, or in the post-launch period, resulting in revenue losses or increased costs. Finally, there is the risk of a lack of liquidity in the company’s securities, as well as possible delisting from the NASDAQ Global Select Market should the company fail to meet the exchange’s requirements.